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Williams Arizona "The Gate Way to the Grand Canyon !"

WE  set up your the Train  Tickets  for you and many more  tours 

The Grand Canyon Railway train departs Williams, Arizona every morning. Then you will have time to look around the beautiful old depot and see the gunfight show that takes a half hour before boarding time.

It’s a relaxing 2 hour 15 minute train ride to the Grand Canyon. You’ll enjoy the scenery, the information provided by your passenger services attendant, and the on-train entertainment (fiddlers, guitarists, and gunfighters provide some of the entertainment you may see in your car).

When the train arrives, we suggest that you walk straight to the rim of the Grand Canyon for an unbelievable sight. It’s an amazing sight. Then take the shuttle bus that goes along the rim and ride to one of the last scenic overlooks. Work your way back to the train depot stopping at as many of the overlooks as you choose. There are different sights to see at each stop.

Be sure to be back at the depot in time to board the train for the return to Williams as there is often only one train each day. There’s even more entertainment on the return trip. The day ends when the train reaches Williams.

Each train engine and each train car has been painstakingly restored to its original state by a staff of mechanics who see their work as more a labor of love than a job. On the train, your crew is no less enthusiastic. Each is bursting with local and Grand Canyon folklore and history, as well as Grand Canyon Railway knowledge. Strolling musicians catch you up with what was hot way back when. And there’s even fun recreations of an old fashioned shoot out and a train robbery. Please call about our package deals and let us take care of all your bookings

[vistaliner_great2] First flown on October 3, 1927 aboard a Stinson Detroiter, the Grand Discovery Tour has become world renowned as being one of the most spectacular air tours on earth (see HISTORY). Grand Canyon Airlines invented air tours at Grand Canyon with this product, and has flown millions of passengers in the last seventy-six years, nearly all of them on this original tour – the Grand Discovery. The all metal Ford Tri-Motor (The “Tin Goose”) debuted in 1928. We are extremely proud to continue the tradition of this world famous tour into the new millennium aboard a fleet of our own state-of-the-art VISTALINER aircraft.

See the route map to the right. This tour covers the most famous and beautiful parts of the Grand Canyon and is perfect for everyone… large groups, families, and individuals. With frequent departures throughout the day, this tour takes off from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport for the Eastern part of the Canyon crossing Zuni Point and through the Zuni Corridor. You can see Desert View, the Painted Desert, and Navajo Indian Reservation to the East while following the mighty Colorado River. One of the highlights of the trip is known as the “Confluence” where the Little Colorado River and the Colorado River join just below Cape Solitude. The aircraft will turn crossing Temple Butte heading for the North Rim showing fantastic areas of the Kaibab Plateau and Kaibab National Forests. Point Imperial, the highest point on the North Rim, can be seen as you fly directly West toward the Dragon Head. Look for wildlife such as elk, antelope, and deer on the North Rim. You will return South Bound through the Western route, the Dragon Corridor, over part of the deepest portion of the Grand Canyon. Near the South Rim once again, you will then fly around the Hermits Rest area before turning back for the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Our tour narration is provided digitally in several languages, an is designed to inform as well as entertain. This tour departs every hour of the day, weather and demand permitting and is approximately 40 – 50 minutes in length.

This is a perfect tour for photographers, and individuals desiring the longest tour flight available for the lowest cost. This tour is offered in our world famous VISTALINER aircraft.

This full day adventure begins with a trip from the South Rim via luxury coach to the Grand Canyon Caverns, which exists along a stretch of Old Route 66, the original Mother Road. At the Caverns, enjoy an hour long tour of one of the only dry caverns in the U.S. while learning about the subterranean geology of the region.

 When the Caverns tour is completed, we climb aboard one of our open air Jeeps for the ultimate journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. As we descend into the depths, watch as massive canyon walls begin to tower over you, and marvel at views of the spectacular landscape. Once we reach the Colorado River, we’ll break for a leisurely lunch, and give you time to explore, photograph, and enjoy the spectacular scenery before returning to the Caverns, where you will board our waiting luxury coach for the trip back to the South Rim.

Grand Canyon Tours Include Direct Pick Up and Drop Off, Entrance Fees to the Grand Canyon, a Great Picnic Lunch, Soft Drinks and Waters, Fun Professional Guides, Telescopes so you can see what other tourist never even dream is in the Grand Canyon! See the Mules and Hikers on the Deepest Grand Canyon Trails, the Boats and Rapids on the Colorado River, Abandoned Cowboy Mines, Native American Indian Ruins! Our Grand Canyon Tours Include Everything You Need at the Grand Canyon! Accept only the best!

Maybe you would like a little something  spooky and  spine tingling,  how about A walking historic ghost tour? Celebrating 9 years in Williams Steampunk Ghost Tours  dont forget to check out the Chocolate shop Home baked Chocolate with a twist SteamPunk chocolates 
Just because your staying with us you get a special price .

Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park in Williams, Arizona ever seen a real buffalo here they be 
Drive through the park in your own vehicle
View animals like black bears, bison, wolves and more in a natural environment 
See black bear cubs and wolf pups up close 
Watch the High Country Raptors show at Fort Bearizona
Educational and family-friendly experience near the Grand Canyon!
Explore the petting zoo area for a hands-on experience with barnyard animals

Inquiring what to do here and around Williams we will be glad to accommodate your families  enjoyment…

Something for everyone.

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