These terms are specific to  Buffalo Pointe Inn Bed and Breakfast
Reservations are required.

Cancellations must be received at least 48 hours  in advance to avoid full charges of reserved date  unless we are able to re-book the accommodations. 

All cancellations are subject to a $25 service fee.

Check-in is at your convenience, after 4pm.  We will leave an envelope on the desk for you if we are not at the desk.  We are very busy trying to make your stay as wonderful as possible.  So you can check in at your leisure after 4 pm. 
 Check-out is prior to 11:00am. Expanded hours may occasionally be accommodated if pre-arranged,

All room rates are subject to state and local taxes.

Room occupancy limits are not to be exceeded.

Pets cannot be accommodated.

Buffalo Pointe  Inn is a smoke-free establishment; no smoking in the building or within 20' of windows or exterior doors Arizona is a smoke free state and strict guidelines . Evidence of smoking in the house may result in a $250 cleaning fee. you may smoke outside where we provide smokeless containers  please be curtious of others.

Kindly notify us immediately if there is any potential change in your booking.
(Policies and Procedures for Buffalo Pointe )

It is our goal to provide comfortable high quality lodging to make your visit to Buffalo Pointe Inn one you will remember fondly for years to come.  To ensure this, we are committed to high standards and policies that will maintain the beauty and integrity of The Buffalo Pointe INN for all guests.  As mentioned on our website description, is designed to offer a romantic and peaceful haven.  We appreciate you taking the time to read the policies in this agreement thoroughly and to ask questions if you need any clarification of understanding.  The person signing this agreement must be at least 18 years of age and a occupant of the property all nights reserved unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Innkeepers/Rental Agent.

IMPORTANT – At this point, if you have booked on-line, you have been placed on the calendar as a tentative reservation.  Within two (2) days of receipt, please review this agreement and let us know if for any reason you would like to cancel your reservation.  

TAXES – All reservations will be subject to 11.4 % Arizona  State Tax.  All tax amounts are factored into your final payment amount.

 PARKING –  is on Street . Please do not exceed the maximum number of cars allowed for this property.  Motor homes, large trailers or commercial vehicles cannot be accommodated at The Buffalo Pointe Historic Route 66.  Please park at visitors center parking lot set up for theses type of vehicles

 NOISE POLICY – We are pleased to live in a peaceful community and intend to maintain that culture.  Noise that can be heard from any other property must cease during the following hours:

·Friday and Saturday from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am

·Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am

SMOKING – Positively NO SMOKING is permitted on this property.  If you must smoke, please do so off the premises and deposit any completely extinguished cigarette butts in the outdoor trash receptacle.  If we find that there has been smoking inside the house a cleaning and air quality fee of $500 will be charged to the departing guest, plus any other costs that may occur to clean up the smoke damage in the home.  Cigarette butts, if any, must not be deposited inside the house.


PETS – Service animals are permitted.  Dogs, cats or other pets are not permitted - NO EXCEPTIONS.   Any violation of this policy is cause for immediate termination of tenancy with no refund and full and immediate liability for any additional cleaning necessary and all damages incurred by said animal(s)

REFUNDS - Your reservation and signed Buffalo Pointe Inn LEASE AGREEMENT bind you to Buffalo Pointe Inn B & B,   for a specific period of time. There should be no expectation of refunds because you are disappointed with the property you have rented or because something unessential associated with the property is not working to your satisfaction.  We will make every effort to correct any problems that arise during your stay in a timely manner. However, there will be no refunds for mechanical failure of nonessential items such as the television, wifi,   air conditioning,  or other luxury items.  If there is a significant problem, notify us immediately.  If the internet or TV cable service goes down, we can only attempt to get that back on-line during daytime hours through our cable/internet provider.  


DAMAGE/ACCIDENTS TO PROPERTY – Guest/Leaseholder agrees to notify the Rental Agent/Innkeepers as to any damages or accidents that occur at  Buffalo Pointe INN during your rental period.  If you have a spill or other incident that could cause staining of the carpets, furniture or bed linens, read the instructions in the guest book for how to proceed.  All damages up to $1500 shall be the responsibility of the guest/renter unless said damage was a result of misconduct or violation of the terms of this agreement and/or the policies and instructions listed in the Buffalo Pointe Inn  Guest Cottage Guide Book at which point all damages would be the responsibility of the Guest/Leaseholder.

BASICALLY YOU TRASH OUR PLACE YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL DAMAGES !  ALL DAMAGES MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO CHECK-OUT. If found later all incendentials charges will be placed on credit card on file.

 CHECK-IN PROCEDURES – Check-in for Bufffalo Pointe Inn B & B,  is anytime after 4:00 pm.  at the Bufffalo Pointe Inn B & B, If for some reason we are not at the check-in desk, we will leave an envelope with your room key.  We are in and out taking care of the property for your best experience at our inn, During peak season, check-in may involve a slight wait as we check guests in on a first arrive, first checked-in basis.  We will do our best to have Bufffalo Pointe Inn B & B,  ready for you by 4:00 pm.  We strongly advise you to arrive during daylight hours to best find the house and your room, but is not mandatory this is to help make your stay at Bufffalo Pointe Inn B & B,  safe and enjoyable.  You can check in anytime after 4pm, but if it is really late, please be mindful of other guests, staying at the Buffalo Pointe Inn.

 CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES - Check out is before 11:00 am on your day of departure.  Please be courteous of the incoming guests and cleaning staff by vacating prior to 11:00 am.  Check-out time cannot be extended when the house is rented back-to-back (mostly during peak season).  When leaving the house, follow the Check-Out Procedures Checklist in the Bufffalo Pointe Inn B & B,  Guide Book.  Keys must be returned to the Innkeeper prior to leaving, or left in the drop box by the office.  If you forget to leave your room key there will be a 25.00 additional charge for replacement and inconvenience. 

TRASH – Please use trash and recycle bin to dispose of any personal trash.  

 Please understand and agree to these terms of the booking process.